Der Dutchman

Der Dutchman is what one wants from a restaurant. Good food served at a good price. The look and feel of the locations varies, as they should with a quality restaurant. The location in Walnut Creek is in Amish country. The Plain City location has a large gift shop attached to the restaurant.

Although the locations are different, the food isn’t. This is okay. From real mashed potatoes to homemade pies, the quality of food will not disappoint any one. With a large selection of and unlimited quantities the best recommendation is the buffet. Every day it has three types of meat and every day the selection is different.

The staff is as friendly and as welcoming as any around. The atmosphere is simple and works nicely to help one feel calm and peaceful. No tacky paintings or festive memorabilia adorn the walls. With the simple food and simple atmosphere Der Dutchman is a must. It is one of Ohio’s Amish treasures.

Quick Tip: It is closed on Sundays. In the summer are free carriage rides.


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