Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum

1100 E 9th St, Cleveland, OH 44114

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the place to go to learn the history of one of the greatest genres of music of all time… so would say a rock person. Even if you are not into rock, the museum is an amazing look at one aspect of pop culture over the last century.

Starting in the basement, the museum does a great job of following the history of rock from its pre-birth days as country and folk all the way up to the top floors modern top ten exhibits. All of the exhibits contain real artifacts of the groups and eras that they describe. This is helpful in showing off the memorabilia that the museum has without becoming another Hard Rock Cafe.

The museum also uses the actual music and sounds of the genre to help tell its story. From the many listening post, to the great videos, the audio visual aspects are equal to the learning without one out weighing the rest.

The museum is not the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is housed in a separate theater that shows a continually running movie containing footage of every single inductee to the Hall. The three screen format is something to behold. Slightly different than any other large screen format, and playing some of the greatest groups of all time.  Along the back wall is a large light board with autographs of the inductees.  A must see.

The gift shop is huge! Run by FYE! It is just another record shop, however it is dedicated to rock, and contains some slightly harder to find stuff.

Quick Tip: The Hall of Fame film runs nonstop. Just step right up, walk right in, rock this crazy world you’re living in.

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