The Franklin Park Conservatory

1777 E Broad St,
Columbus, OH 43203

Quick Review: Flowers and the people who love them.

The Franklin Park Conservatory is a great place to see flowers and trees. Also a great place to see many butterflies and other changing exhibits.

Separated into multiple climate zones the conservatory does more than just show of plants. It puts one deep into the climate and make helps them to fell as if they there. It is cool to go from a desert to a rainforest, but it is even better to know that the plants surrounding you are truly living in their environment. They are not just planted to make the climate zone seem realistic… but actually create the zone.  Some times it is hard to see the desert because of all the cactus cliches gardens use. Franklin Park does a good job of making the desert plants thrive and then let them create the feeling of a desert.

It can be a little hard to learn because of all the beauty. But if one can go beyond the view there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Educational classes are offered in gardening, wellness, and arts.

However if you are not in the mood to learn the park has many part time exhibits that show the link between art and nature. From a cool butterfly show to the works of Dale Chihuly, there are many ways to just relax and enjoy at the Franklin Park Conservatory.


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