Yellow Springs, Ohio

Yellow Springs

Hippies. The first thing you think of when you see Yellow Springs. The village seems to be run by and entirely consist of hippies. This is not the case. It just moves to its own tune.

Yellow Springs is a village nestled in the side of the woods. It originally grew from the spring that it gets its name from… but now it is all about the college. Almost as if the 60’s never left this small liberal arts community. Yellow Springs still thrives on its uniqueness. Instead of becoming old and outdated the college helped to infuse the town with new blood to keep the movement alive. Now with the college gone the place seems to find its own brand of merry locals.

Surrounded by woods and parks Yellow Springs is a nature lovers dream. One good place to hike is John Bryant state park or the Cliftion gorge. If hiking doesn’t suit you try the miles of rail lines converted to bike paths. There is something for everyone here.

With many cool shops and good restaurants downtown, Yellow Springs is a good place to shop and eat. From the bookstore with a cat to the small movie theater showing independent films it is worth the drive.

One comment

  1. Sad to say that Dingleberries (the old record store) on Dayton Street closed down, BUT toxic records is on Xenia Avenue. We have a new coffee house called Brother Bear on Dayton Street, and a huge comic book store on the same street, plus a small sweetie shop.

    We might just get our college back, keeping fingers and toes crossed 🙂

    regards Corrine

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