Fraze Pavilion

695 Lincoln Park Boulevard, Kettering, Ohio 45429

The Fraze Pavilion was built in 1991 and each summer since it has provided Southwestern Ohio with a fine lineup of artists (regional, national, and international) and festivals.  Going to the Fraze is an experience one is not soon to forget. It might be due to the intimate seating, quality of acts performing, or outdoor setting. The Fraze Pavilion is located in the suburban town of Kettering, Ohio.

The Fraze has four seating options (in order for closeness to stage) plaza, orchestra, lawn, and terrace. Plaza seats are close to the stage, but are folding chairs. Orchestra seats are your typical stadium seats. Lawn seats are just that a lawn. No chairs are allowed on the lawn only blankets and rented seat backs. Terrace seats are bleacher seats you would find at any park. The best seats are the orchestra seats. They give the person watching the concert the most comfortable choice and are just far enough from the stage to really enjoy the show.  Spend the extra on these sets, it is worth it. If you have a family or a big group of friends then the lawn could be a great experience.

If one wants to see his or her favorite show during the summer, the best suggestion is to go to the Fraze website and sign up for the e-newsletter. Many of the Fraze concerts sell out quickly. Some shows even sell out within a few hours after tickets go on sale. It is best to buy tickets early.

The Fraze does have concession stands and boxed lunches. The prices are what you would expect at any concert. The Fraze does not allow outside food into the pavilion.

Fraze concerts and shows happen rain or shine. No umbrellas are allowed, so if it looks like rain bring rain gear. Those Ohio summer showers will quickly come and go. The show will go on.

If one is looking for a low cost way to come to the Fraze, they offer $2 Tuesdays one Tuesday each month featuring regional artists, and $5 Fridays each month during the summer with some great artists appearing. The Fraze also offers lots of free festivals.

Come early parking fills up fast around the pavilion. More parking is available at the high school across the street, but there is a walk.

If one has never been in the warm summer air attending a live concert, then the Fraze is the perfect place to attend your first outdoor concert. The Fraze’s quality of live performance, willingness of staff, and outdoor setting will keep one coming back summer after summer.


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