Tom’s Maze and Pumpkin Farm

4881 Germantown Liberty Rd,Germantown, OH 45327

4881 Germantown Liberty Rd,Germantown, OH 45327

Tom’s Corn maze is aMAZEing! (Okay that was CORNY but I heard them say it!) It is more than a maze it is a game. Whereas most maze are just start to finish, Tom’s is a puzzle in a maze in a field that is full of corn. With a pumpkin Cannon shooting pumpkins over the field. and a …. well you get the idea, it’s more than a cool corn maze.

Tom’s starts out by giving you a blank 2×6 grid paper. Throughout the maze are 12 different sections, each roped by the different ribbons to make it easy to tell which section you are in. In these sections you must find a mailbox containing a piece of the overall map of the maze. This is the game. One section can look like another and the whole thing becomes confusing. Oh and by the way the mail boxes are hidden in the corn to make them harder to see.

The maze is open late enough to allow for two different types of maze out of one field. Go right before dark to see them both. For the beginner and less adventurous is the daytime maze. Easy to see which section one is in, still a little bit of a challenge. At night the whole thing becomes one big row of corn after another and the real challenge starts.

Either at day or at night Tom’s Corn maze is fun for the whole family.

Quick tip. it gets cold at night in Ohio! Dress for the weather. Also some people don’t like lights shined in their faces… be nice and aim flashlights at the ground or be cool and leave them at home.



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