EnterTrainment Junction

7379 Squire Ct, West Chester, OH 45069


Billed as the world’s largest indoor train display, EnterTRAINment Junction will not disappoint. Besides being just one big train track there is a children’s play area, a museum, a fun house, and much more… all train themed.

The standard ticket will get one into 3 distinct sections of the place, Train Journey, the American Railroad Museum, and Imagination Junction. The Train Journey is the main display in three parts. The beginning period tracks the early days of train transportation in a small town. The middle period examines the 40’s in a major city. The modern period is set in the present. The small town depicted is located on a mountain side which allows for many tunnels and bridges. The multiple levels are used well and the overall effect is nice.

The American Railroad Museum is small for a train museum. Most contain one or more full size train cars. This one does not. A museum is more than just a collection of artifacts, and this one proves the rule. Extremely informative and well designed the museum does a great job of telling the history of train transportation in America.

The final section of the place is Imagination Junction. It is a children’s play area. Simple and small, it will entertain a child, but will distract from the overall experience. Although the main display has a raised area for better access for children, the museum is mostly written displays and may be too much for young kids. The overall ambiance might hold their attention but for a better affect wait until kids are of reading age.

Overall EnterTrainmnet Junction is a great place for anyone slightly interested in trains.

Quick Tip: Check the website for deals.

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