Playhouse Square

1501 Euclid Ave #200Cleveland, OH 44115

Here is Playhouse Squares mission: A not-for-profit performing arts center that presents and produces a wide variety of performing arts, advances arts education and creates a destination that is a superior location for entertainment business and housing, thereby strengthening the economic vitality of the region.

Playhouse Square is located in Cleveland and is more than just one theater and more than one resident company. Playhouse Square hosts Opera Cleveland, DANCECleveland, Ohio Ballet, Great Lakes Theater Festival, Tri-C Cultural Arts Series, Tri-C Jazz Festival, and a Broadway Series. Playhouse Square theaters include the Allen Theater, State Theater, Palace Theater, 14th St. Theater, Ohio Theater, and Hanna Theater. Playhouse Square is the 2nd largest theater complex in the country.

In 1921 four of the theaters opened and over the years they had fallen in disarray and were in great need of repair. Eventually the theaters were restored and placed under one direction. Nearby buildings were placed under the same roof. Ones that were nearby were connected in spirit with a giant chandler over the street.

Many Broadway touring shows are shown in the Palace Theater. This theater is a great place to see a musical. It is large and ornate. The stage is big enough to house large productions. The sound quality is good. The seats are of good quality. The alignment of the stage and seats gives a good view of the show. Some touring shows are use other theaters in the complex and multiple events can happen at once.

Playhouse Square also has a Discovery Theater Series for families and a Discovery Theater Series for Schools along with many other educational events.

Playhouse Square hosts the Great Lakes Theater Festival each year at the Ohio and Hannah Theater. This is a great time to from Fall to Spring to see a great local production.  This festival has had actors the like of Donald Moffat, Larry Linville, and Tom Hanks. It started out with plays by William Shakespeare, but now includes many other classics.

The surrounding area of the theaters is filled with fine restaurants, a Wyndahm Hotel, and lots of parking garages.

Playhouse Square is more than one theater and more than one company.  Each theater brings a unique show and experience to the theater lover.  What is great is one can find at least one show (dance, music, musicals, plays, and more) to watch a year. If one only went to one show they would really have to hold themselves back. Playhouse Square has too many offering in a year to only go to one show. If you live in Cleveland make it a point to see a show here. If you plan on visiting Cleveland time your trip to when your favorite show is playing.

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