A Prairie Home Companion in Ohio

Rating: ***** <>

Link:  http://prairiehome.publicradio.org/

Quick Review: Awesome Radio Show from American Treasure Garrison Kiellor… live and in person in the buckeye state.

In the past 7 years the amazing radio show A Prairie Home Companion has done 4 shows in Ohio. Three in the last year. Although the show is heard weekly on the radio, it is amazing live and in person.

Garrison Kiellor’s Weekly radio show is a throw back to the variety shows of the beginning days of radio. From a live sound effects person to the bands on stage with the host it is one of few shows to offer a remarkably different version live.  Even the live show itself varies remarkably from town to town. Kiellor is great at using the cities personality to sculpt each show.

As with every show “The news from Lake Wobegon” is about a small town in Minnesota. Beyond that the majority of the show is based on the place that they are at, or the guest that are there. With short skits about the local food culture to songs and poems about the area, it is a wealth of enjoyment. It is made even more enjoyable if one knows the area that the show is broadcasting from.

Having seen it from 3 different locations (The Fraze Pavilion, The Blossom Music Center, and Riverbend Music Center) I can tell you that it is a one in a lifetime experience that any fan of the show can not miss.

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