Links: http://www.putinbay.com/

Tourism  http://www.putinbay.com/robotours2.htm or http://visitputinbay.com/visitus/

Wikipedia site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Put-in-Bay,_Ohio

Ferry to the Island/City http://jet-express.com/ or http://www.millerferry.com/

Quick Review: A great lake getaway with tons of activities

Review: Put-In-Bay is a village located on South Bass Island on Lake Erie.   This is not a big town but is a summer tourism destination. Ferry service connects it with Catawba Island, Kelleys Island, Port Clinton, and Sandusky, Ohio. One great place to board the ferry is Sandusky and this is great for  a person can also do the many activities in Sandusky.  Ferry Service is the most common way to get to the town, but one can also take aircraft (propeller) and private boat. The tempatures in Put-In-Bay average upper 70s and 80s and probably stay cooler than most of Ohio because it is on the lake and gets many of the lake’s breeze. This makes for a nice change to normally hot and humid summer weather of most of Ohio.

There are many historical sites to see when you are in Put-In-Bay. One of these historical sites to not miss is Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. The memorial was created to commerate the battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.  Some other sites to see are Stonehenge Estate, Perry’s Cave, Lake Erie Islands Historical Society, Beer Barrel Saloon,  Heineman’s winery, and Crystal Cave.  These sites will fill up the good part of a day if not two days on the Island.

Put-In-Bay has many hotels, bed and breakfasts, rentals, and camping. Each with there own amount of ammenidates. What is nice about these places is that they are mostly local and really want to make each persons stay unquie and memerable.

One can ferry over to Put-In-Bay, so while on the island one can rent a bike, golf cart, or moped. It is not actually recommended to bring a car to the island since many hotels are near attractions and lines to get cars off the island can be long.  Cars can not be put on each ferry so one needs to research if the ferry company they are wanting to take allows cars. Better to plan ahead.

Put-In-Bay has many different restaurants for one to eat at. The restaurants range in food from Italian, pub food, seafood, and winerys or bewerys.

Put-In-Bay is located on Lake Erie so of course fishing can be a fun activity while in town.

If one owns a boat Put-In-Bay would be a nice destination as Lake Erie is beautiful in the summer.

Put-In-Bay is a nice place in Ohio to visit in the summer for a day out espically if one is visiting Cedar Point.  Put-In-Bay has many historical sites to fill up the day and food to fill the stomach.  The best time to visit is summer since ferrys do not run in the winter and flying is more expensive,

Summer and Put-In-Bay are the perfect combination.


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