The Ohio State Fair

717 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211

The Ohio State Fair is a monument to all things Ohio. From the animals to the vegetables to the arts, everything Ohio is celebrated at the State Fair. Then it’s deep fried.

The fair has many things to do. One of the easiest and most popular is to look at all the livestock. With horses, cows, pigs, ducks, bunnies, and chickens all competing the place becomes a huge barnyard. Check the website to see when the competitions are and how the animals are judged. After the competition some of the animals go home.

If all of the livestock makes you hungry food is plentiful. From French Fries to Fried Cheese most of it is simple and greasy. If one looks around they will find a good variety of healthy alternatives. Check out the Taste of Ohio pavilion, the buffet, or even the great Ohio vendors (like Der Dutchman and Schmidt’s)

Besides the livestock the fair offers many arts and crafts to view, from duct tape competitions to Christmas tree decorations. The Craft building is a great place to see many works of folk art by state residents. The modern art gallery is not that different from other galleries in the state, however.

For the crazy at heart there is a midway. With a ton of midway games and rides one can spend most of the day here. The rides are standard Carnival fare, but not for the faint at heart. For a great thrill buy a ride bracelet and ride everything once. It’s an experience to remember.

The fair is a great place to take the young and the young at heart.

Quick tip: Check the website for coupons and discounts.

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