Ohio Caverns

2210 State Route 245 East, West Liberty, OH 43357


The Ohio caverns are COOL. Yes, as you head underground the temperature stays a constant 54-55 degrees (it varied with the change in moisture.). The Ohio caverns are a small cave in the middle of nowhere Ohio. Found over 100 years ago by a 17 year old farm boy, it hasn’t changed much.

Because the same family has owned the location since 1920’s the place has been well preserved. The formations are almost all intact and beautiful. The stalagmites range from huge to microscopic. The columns look as if they are holding the place up in spots and as if they can’t hold themselves up in others.  The colors are vivid and unique, giving the place the name of “America’s most colorful caverns.”

The guides are well knowledged and able to answer any question you have. (And probably already answered it a few times that day… the same questions get asked a lot.) Their knowledge of the place is vast. The information they provided on the formations is great. The history of the place is short and simple but the guides know it to the smallest detail.

The path through the caverns is well paved and lit. Almost a completely flat trail through the caverns means that the mile long walk is a breeze. The only difficulty is the over 100 stairs in the place (okay 60 at the end and very few inside.) Any one able to do the end stairs will have no problem with the trail. If one cannot take the tour the caverns site also offers a large park for picnics and simple play.

Overall the caverns are a great place to visit for anybody in the area. Beautiful and colorful and just plan cool.

Quick Tip: Groups of ten or more can see the historic section with advanced reservations.

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