Ohio History Center

800 E. 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211


The Ohio Historical Center is nice. It is nice, but not much. The museum and grounds, which includes a historical village (Only open on special occasions), tell the history of Ohio.

With as great and varied a history as Ohio has it is surprising to see the main museum of the historical society as sparse as it is. The history of the state is told with artifacts and displays, and the amount of space given to each time period is large enough to give an overview, however lacks real depth.

The vast area of artifacts are astounding and a treat to view and put into context. The timeline of the state is told. the History aspect is explained. Then the next artifact is placed next to it. Overall the flow seems a little off for a person going to study the history of Ohio. It is perfect for a first timer or kids.

The space given to traveling exhibits is great, almost half the size of the main hall. The traveling and temporary exhibits are a good reason to go to the museum.  They might even be the best reason. From a recreation of Norman Rockwell’s Studio to exhibits from other state museum, the non permanent exhibits are a treat.

If one wants to see a specific area of the state the Historical Society has great museums and attraction in that area. But if one wants a general overview the Historical Center is a good way to spend a few hours.



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