The Fair at New Boston

Rating: ****


Quick Review: Step back in time……. at the Fair At New Boston! (from the nice website) 

Review: The Fair at New Boston, held yearly at the site of the former Shawnee villages of Peckuwe, is a recreation of a 1800 trade fair. A trade fair it is.

Unlike other historical fairs The Fair at New Boston is authentic to its roots with out seeming like a history lesson. It’s fun without seeming like a disney style attraction. The event is not your local lets play dress up. This is a serious event and all merchants/reenactors must send pictures of clothing a materials before being allowed to attend.

This creates a feel of reality that many other faors lack. It is dirt in the hunting village. The fires are hot. The smoke is smoky. And the merchant wares are awesome. People actually treat it as a trade fair. A lot of merchants commented on how they create everything they need for their costumes at the fair.

Every detail of the fair will make you feel as if you have actually stepped back to a time when the country wa young and the state was new. This great for any one wanting to learn about the history of the time. But it also great for anyone wantting to buy period peices. Art, Furniture, food, candy, Anything one might want is for sale at the fair. And anything for sale is also probably being made at the fair. The merchants area is a great place to see crafts men working their wears and doing their trades.

Overall the Fair at New Boston is a great place to see Ohio’s, and America’s, history in action.

Quick Tip: Visit everywhere… not  everything is located at the main trade area.


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