Dayton Grown-up Halloween

Rating: ****


Quick Review: In Ohio Halloween isn’t just for kids….

Review: As the ghosts and goblins, and spidermen and wonder women, come out to play this time of year most people think of or going to haunted houses, or kids trick or treating. In Dayton, Ohio however the kids are not the only ones having fun.

Boo in the Burg: A Trick or Treat for adults in downtown Miamisburg. One can go from restaurant to restaurant enjoying free appetizers and discounted drink specials, all while dressed up in their favorite costume. This is a perfect opportunity to sample the local cuisine of the area in a fun and festive enviroment.

HauntFest on 5th: 5th street in the Oregon District of Dayton is blocked off and the party flows. With over 5000 people every year anything can be seen. From Billy Mays to The Predator, everything and everybody have a good time at the massive party.  (click link for photos)

Horrorramma: A 12 year tradition in the greater Dayton area. This film fest shows some of the oddest and most unusual horror films along with some classics. This charity event, complete with so many contests that 99% of the people attending take a prize home, is a great opportunity to see the horror films as they were meant to be seen, in their original 35mm prints. Some of the films are not even available in any other format.

Little Art film fest: Another festival of the screen. A little more mainstream than horroramma but just a fun. This one has more movies, albeit many ones available on dvd.

The Dayton area… and most of Ohio has plenty to do for the fun seeking adults kids out there. So grab your favorite costume and get out and enjoy the festivities  next year.


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