La Comedia Dinner Theatre

Rating ***


Quick Review: Dinner and a show all in one place.

La Comedia Dinner Theatre is located in Springfield, OH. La Comedia is a dinner theatre and much more. La Comedia has putting on shows since the 1970’s, so they have perfected the dinner and theatre idea. The theater normally puts on about six Broadway type shows along with many concerts. The shows range from newer musicals to classic favorites. Many of the actors who star in shows are locals, but many also are from New York. The productions try to have the best cast available. Each year the good part is that La Comedia puts on some class broadway musicals. This is good because many people will know the shows. La Comedia has a good sound system so the actors can always be heard and the dancing is normally really good. The stage is a stage where the audience sits on many sides, so the action of the play or musical is up close. The audience also sits a tables on different levels, this gives a good view to each person attending.

The real star of La Comedia is not the show itself, but the food. Nights start with the house signature salad with the Papaya Chutney Dressing. This dressing is a very good compliment to any salad. The evening continues with a wonderful buffet. The buffet has chef-carved meats, a variety of pastas and fresh vegetables, fresh-baked breads, some deep fried cod, and their famous sweet potato soufflé.  The buffet also normally has some dishes that go along with the theme of the show, so coming back the for a new show one gets something different. Each show also has a different desert. The desert is delivered to the table after the buffet is over. The nice thing about the buffet experience is guest who arrive early are allowed to the buffet first. This is not only a nicety, but also keeps the buffet line short.

La Comedia is a great place to celebrate a special occasion. Here is what there site says about what you get for a special occasion.

“Celebration Packages
Each package consists of a mylar balloon, personalized 6″ cake, and, to toast your special event, a split of champagne (non-alcoholic available upon request). We also will make a special announcement to congratulate you on your birthday or anniversary! You receive all this for only $18.00, in addition to your regular ticket price.”


La Comedia is a great place to see a show and get a meal. One should arrive early and dress appropriatly.

La Comedia will leave you will a full stomach and good times, not to mention a head full of showtunes.



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