Columbus Zoo

4850 W Powell Rd, Powell, OH 43065

From lions to bears, from manatees to snakes, the Columbus Zoo has it all. With large displays and plenty of room for the animals to roam, the zoo becomes less of an animal prison and more of a window on the world. Even with the room the creatures have to play in they are still easy to see.

The animals are divided in to regions, mostly by continent. The larger animals are outside in massive enclosures, the smaller ones in amazing exhibits indoors. The regions are well themed taking on a look and feel of the area they represent without becoming clique. The animals seem at home in there enclosures and happy. Even at times it seems like they are watching the visitors more than the visitors were watching them.

The information placards on the animals are easy to read and very informative. They speak of the animals and leave any other information, such as conservation, to other areas. The balance works out nicely with the animals not distracting from the conservation message or the message from the animals. The animals can be seen as animals and not a ploy to teach about human problems.

The Columbus Zoo is a more modern zoo. It is constantly evolving to meet the needs of it residents and visitors.  Overall the balance of space to walk and space filled with animals is perfect. The walk ways are large enough to handle the crowds that might show up without over whelming the reason they showed up. Although it may seem massive the entire place can easily be seen in one day.

Quick tip: SEE THE ANIMALS BEING FEED. It is a great way to meet the keepers and learn about the animal’s interaction with the keepers. 12pm Orangutans feeding is a must see.


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