Human Race Theatre Company and Loft Theatre

Rating: *****


Quick Review: Local theater at its best with a great space to see a show

Review: The Human Race Theatre Company began in 1986 in Dayton, Ohio. The purpose of the Human Race Company is to bring professional, local, national, new, innovative dramas and musicals to Dayton and Ohio. The company produces six or more shows a year, holds special events, brings in national acts and shows, holds musical theatre workshops and festivals, and does educational programs. What is good about these productions are that they are top rate and many are new productions. The Human Race Company is great at bringing together a diverse creative team to really give the theatre goer something they might not normally see. One can see the true nature of the company by looking at their core values: affecting the conscience of our society, see our audience as our partner in the creative experience, providing a platform for artists to evolve and explore, and being an educational resource for our community.

One thing to pay attention to with the Human Race Theatre Company is its Musical Theatre Worshop series. This series gives a place for original musicals to have first and second showings. The workshop series helps to workshop and present new works. The Workshop Series also puts on a summer festival of new works. The audience gets to see a new musical, not something one gets to see everywhere.

The Human Race Theatre Company holds many educational classes for kids and teens. They range from classes, summer stock, conservatory programs, to presenting in schools.

If you like to see a show, but also want something a little different the Human Race Theatre Company offers discussion panels during some performances. This a great way to see a show and also be able to dive into the themes of the show a little further. These discussion panels are not the only special performances the company offers during the run of the show, they also offer Thursday night previews, opening nights with parties afterwards, and show with food sold beforehand.

The Human Race Theatre Company presents their shows in many large spaces in Dayton (universities, Victoria Theatre, Schuster Performing Arts Center, and more), but most of the productions are presented at the Loft Theatre. The Loft Theatre is located at the Metropolitan Arts Center right next to the Victoria Theatre. The Loft Theatre is a great theatre to see a show in. What make the Loft Theatre great is its unique theatre space. The stage is a three-quarter thrust with the stage coming out into the audience. The seats wrap around the front of the stage to give the theatre goer a personal experience. Each person in the theatre is close to the stage even if they sit in the back row. This allows one to really feel a part of the action on the stage. If you have seen a production in a large theatre before seeing the same production on the Loft stage will be a truly different experience.

The Human Race Theatre Company brings unique, classic, reinvented, new, and top rate performances to Ohio. There are many performances a year that one would want to see put on by the Human Race Theatre Company. The Human Race Theatre Company productions are ones that really are special and are made even more special by the theatre they are performed in. One should not miss seeing a production put on by the company.

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