Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace

248 S 4th St, Columbus, OH 43215


If you like good food at a good price Dirty Frank’s is your place. Dirty Frank’s is located in Columbus. Dirty Franks is a small restaurant with a wonderful atmosphere.

Dirty Frank’s offers many different hot dog combinations.
Here are a few of the tasty dogs at Frank’s:

Topped with spicy corn relish (sweet corn, pickle relish
& jalapeño blend), & a dash of celery salt

The Nicola
Tzatziki sauce & zesty Greek relish (fresh cucumber, tomato, & onion)

Cowgirl Carmen
Topped with coney sauce (meat or veggie), cheddar, & crushed Fritos

Frank’s also has some very tasty bacon wrapped dogs. Do not miss them. They have many dog options for the vegetarian, and gluten-free wraps. You can also get a polish sausage or beef brat. All the dogs are under $5! So ordering two is no problem, now eating two might be a little hard for the light eater.

If you do not like eating dogs, Frank’s has a few choices, Mac and cheese, soup, nachos, pretzels, Cincinnati 4-Way (you know spaghetti with chili on it, an Ohio classic), Broccoli & Cheese, and more.

To wash down that dog Frank’s has many drink options. You can get your standard restaurant drinks of soda and coffee. You can also get a mean root beer float. If root beer is not your drink they have many other floats and slushes. Try the Caribbean Queen that has cherry slush, lime slush, pineapple juice, orange juice, and a splash of chipotle-pineapple syrup. Yum! Frank’s also has many grown up drinks and encourages drinkers to buy drinks from the draught beer. The offerings of beers come from Ohio and beyond. The nice thing is you can get a good Ohio beer at Frank’s. Frank’s also serves cocktails. Frank’s has a bar in the restaurant which can be a nice spot to sit on a crowded day.

Frank’s is open for lunch and well into the night. Frank’s is a more than a bar that serves hot dogs. Frank’s makes the dog the star of the show. The restaurant is a cozy inviting place to get a good meal at a good price. A nice place to take friends for a treat. Frank’s is a fun place that is unique enough to keep one coming back again.


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