Places to visit in Ohio in 2011

We have visited many place here on Randomohio’s Random Review, but there are more unique places to visit in 2011.
Here is our list of places to check out this year.

the Wilds

If you like wildlife and animal adventures, this might be the next great thing to going to Africa. Well, that is at least what the website makes it out to be. An animal park in Ohio like no other.

Wildwood Music

Not really sure why this music shop is luring us to it. Maybe because it is small, in a historical town, near a visitors center, sells music, or just is not your big box store. One of these reason it is drawing us to it like a song you just can not get out of your head, ok enough of that, but it is making us want to check it out.  They sell dulcimers, banjos, and guitars and these are three great instruments. They might sell more, so we will have to check it out.

National Afro-American Museum

With the name national in the title it must good, right? The price to get in is low, so that would attract us. Also it would be good to see the exhibits and there might be a new one or traveling exhibit. No matter how good or bad a museum is they are always good for one visit.   Looking at the website for the National Afro-American Museum shows some interesting exhibits at the museum about the underground railroad, so a visit is a must.

Coshocton, OH

Is that weird to want to visit a whole city or county? Not if it is a great city or county is filled with a days worth of things to do. Walk around the city is a must and good exercise.  Coshocton would be an interesting city to visit because of the horse-drawn canal boat rides, Historic Roscoe Village, lighthouse, parks, stores. and more.

If you have visited any of these places be sure to leave a comment below.


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