Big Boppers Restaurant

Big Boppers Restaurant



Quick Review: A quit little place in a quite little town.

Hidden on the side of the road outside of Marblehead, Ohio is a small little breakfast and lunch place called Big Boppers. It might not seem like too fancy, and isn’t, but that’s what makes it worth going to. The food is simple but good. The staff are friendly and inviting but not overly so.
The restaurant is local, with nearby businesses advertising on the placemats to fish varieties from the lake right outside (Lake Erie if your wandering). With staff talking about the recent high school games, and knowing the names of the customers Big Boppers feels genuine. And not in a plan-agram way that some chains do.
The food is mostly sandwiches and burgers. The sandwiches are simple. No fancy cheese bread or trendy sauces. This is home cooking and it shows. Although they maybe simple they are good. From the breaded tenderloin to the grilled cheese, the toppings, bread, and meat find a good balance. The Big Bopper also has a nice selections of burgers. With a little more pizazz than the sandwiches the selection is still manageable. From a unique Greek burger (gyro meat and onion added) to a Popeye Burger (a bacon cheeseburger with spinach) there something for everyone. The breakfast selection is almost as big as the lunch, if not bigger. With omelets with anything, steak and eggs, and skillet scrambles, this isn’t your one egg one pancake place.
So for anyone visiting the Marblehead Lighthouse or just driving around the lake don’t miss a chance to stop at the Big Boppers.



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