Arthur’s Restaurant

Rating: ***


Quick Review: One of Cincinnati’s good hamburger joints

Review: The hamburger has become an American tradition over the years. Any good restaurant has their own version.  Some have many versions, some just one. Some place, like Arthur’s, are dedicated to them.

Arthur’s is well known for in Cincinnati for hamburgers, even going so far as to win awards and being named to the top 25 list in Cincinnati magazine. An accolade that is well deserved.  The burgers are fresh and juicy. Cooked to order, the staff knows how to treat the burger. The bun which is sometimes an after though is chewy and well balanced, not to big or to small. It is just the right size to soak up all juice without falling apart. There are few burgers already designed on the menu. This is actually a good thing. Instead of giving you a thousand burgers Arthur lets you build your own. With a large list of toppings to choose from the possibilities are endless.

Besides burgers Arthur’s has sandwiches and salads. The selection is large enough to round out the menu with out over whelming the burgers. The salad selection is one of the biggest parts of the menu. The sandwiches are unique. The Cod is  a Cincinnati Magazine’s “Best” winner. From a large selection of salads to a Salmon BLT’s, Arthur’s is a great place to take have lunch or tasty burger.

Surrounding the restaurant is Hyde park, one of Cincinnati’s “Hippest” shopping districts. Arthur’s fits into this vibe quite nicely. If a “hip” area is not your thing, then going at lunch on a weekday when the crowd is light will solve the problem. Either at night, for a burger or a beer, or just a quick bite, Arthur’s is a great place to go.




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