Update: Places to visit in Ohio in 2011

This is an update to the post Places to visit in Ohio in 2011.

Wildwood Music

Some places were visited.

Wildwood Music

Wildwood Music is in a small house across the parking lot and next to the parking lot of Coshocton visitors center. Wildwood is not open all day, but when it is open you really notice with the music blaring from the building. What is nice about Wildwood is the quaility of the knowledge of the staff. The musical instruments are of great quaility. There are many dulcimers that for sale. This is not something you will find in many music stores. There are also some great guitars and banjos also. The place is the true place for the true bluegrass musician.



Coshocton, OH

Coshocton is a great village to visit for a day filled with tours and shops. The shops have some great handmade and old-time items for sale. The historic houses are of great quality. The museum has some interesting exhibits about the area. The museum and tours are not free, so be prepared to pay. The canal boat ride is a must do. The are is a nice place to spend an afternoon walking and learning more about the history of a Ohio canal town. It is good to learn a little about the importance canals once had in Ohio.

The Warehouse Steak N’ Stein restaurant is a must eat at place while in Coshocton. There are many interesting menu items to choose from. Lunch prices are not bad and the menu has many options. Some of the treats are the low country shrimp and crab cakes, pasta bowels, flatbread pizza, fish, steaks, and soup and salad. The are also many dinner specials during the week and live music from time to time.


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