Cincinnati Art Museum

953 Eden Park Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45202

The great thing about art museums is that they have some rotating art exhibits. There is normally one or two traveling exhibits to see. This makes coming back a great joy.  The Cincinnati Art Museum has many traveling exhibits on display throughout the year, so check out their website for current exhibits. One could visit many times a year and see something different. The cost should not inhibit anyone, since at the current time it is FREE.

The museum also houses lots of local artwork. This artwork is in The Cincinnati Wing which was completed in 2003. The astonishing thing is that this wing has over 400 objects on display. The Cincinnati Art Museum was one of the first museums in the country to dedicate a whole wing to the city of the museum. The wing has many great video and sculptural pieces along with the paintings that tell the story of Cincinnati.

The Museum also has large collection of more traditional art. Greek, European, modern, and even a glass works are all on display throughout the museum. Spread out over 3 floors the works are arranged in a flowing manner with no major changes from one style to another, but a more transitional journey through the art of the world. All of the works are well documented with each gallery getting a description on the type and style of work inside. A major gallery to not be missed, but kind of hidden, is the Asian art gallery. This gallery has large collections of work from the vast array of the continent’s many countries.

One very cool highlight of our visit was a section of the museum where you can watch art historians on display as they work to restore paintings. The museum has done a great job of allow the visitor to get close to someone who is preserving artwork. There are video screens that allow the visitor to get even a closer look at what is going on.

The museum also has a Terrace Cafe, which serves lunch each day. The cafe must be good as it is pack many days each week.


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