Zanesville Museum of Art

620 Military Rd, Zanesville, OH 43701

The Zanesville Museum of Art is a small museum, well compared to the big city museums in the state. What it might lack in size is makes up in dedicated staff, volunteers, and quality of collection. The museum does have a small fee but the fee is waivered if you are a museum member or kid under 9 and discounted if you are a senior or AAA member. The museum currently is open Wednesday through Saturday, with late hours on Thursday. The museum also offers art classes and tours. The museum is laid out in an easy to manage pattern, not something all museums can claim.

The museum houses many great works of pottery. One would be very disappointed if the museum did not, since Zanesville is known for its pottery. The pottery has much great information included with it. It is beautiful to look at not something you see so much of at some museums. The pottery is the highlight of the museum.

The museum has many large pieces that are great to look at. The international art work is very interesting. While the collection is not as large as other places, it has many famous artists and should not be missed. There are many colorful pieces in that section.

There is also a section dedicated to dolls. This is a popular section for kids one would imagine. Adults would love to also look over the dolls to spot all the different kinds.

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