Columbus Museum of Art

480 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215

The Columbus Museum of Art is located in Columbus and close to the capitol which makes it a great spot if you are touring Columbus. The entry fee is low and free on Sundays.

Some of the highlights are the cell phone tours (you can dial a phone number at some artwork to hear a recorded message about the artwork), center for creativity (a place to get creative), and a huge collection.

The museums rectangular design helps one easily navigate the museum. The museum houses 10,500 or more pieces. Not all are on display at any one time.

Besides the classics some of the best art on display is the art from the late nineteenth and early twentieth-century.  The museum also has woodcarvings by Columbus folk artist Elijah Pierce and the world’s largest repository of paintings and lithographs by Columbus native George Bellows.

The museum seems to have something interesting to look at around every corner. One memorable thing is the many hands on parts of the museum. There seems to be something to do at each gallery. A sticky note to hang about how the artwork makes you feel, puzzles to do, questions to answer, and videos to watch. The great thing about the museum is that is seems to invite you to take a deeper look at art and how it affects you. The staff have done a great job at making the museum interactive.

This interactive part to the museum is greatly shown off in the Center for Creativity. The Center for Creativity is the part of the museum that allows one to create art. This might be drawing, making models, or designing sculptures. This is really one of the places to be visited after visiting the galleries for inspiration. One can spend many a minute creating in this section. The Wonder Room in the Center for Creativity is an exploration space full of hands-on fun designed specifically for families with children ages three to fourteen. This does not mean that the adult would not also love this space. Adults should not skip it even if they are not accompanied by a child. The Center for Creativity is a must see and do part to the Columbus Museum of Art.

Leaving the museum one will be filled with the spirit of creativity and inspiration.  Do not skip this museum if you are in Columbus.

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