More Than Traveling

It can be a little unexpected to find out that someone famous or well know is actually from the state you live in. Traveling and exploring Ohio is made even more fun when you know who lives or lived in the state.

Here is a good list of people who have or live in Ohio

Here are some music highlights (or surprises) with links to their website if they have them, you do not have to like them, but know they are there is enough.

Now this one should be obvious as she is new to world of fame. She does have good music. She also is not like every other cookie cutter artist out there. She is from Elliston, Ohio.

He is from Shaker Heights, Ohio.  I am sure they heard the paino playing all over town when he was growing up.

She was born in Cleveland (not a shock with all the musicians from there).

Now we have all at one time or another wanted to sing a song he wrote in front of our boss. He wrote Take This Job and Shove It! He was born in Akron.

Douglas has received twelve Grammy Awards and has won the Country Music Association’s ‘Musician of the Year’ award three times, in 2002, 2005 and 2007. He is from Warren, Ohio. If you have never heard of him he does play with Alison Krauss and Union Station, but he does also have his own band.

One would have thought he was born near Broadway or L.A., but no Columbus it is. I guess you would not know him unless you loved showtunes, but still he is well-known.

He was born in Springfield, Ohio and he graduated salutatorian.  

  • Dean Martin

Martin was born in Steubenville, Ohio.   The legend was born in Ohio, we should of known maybe we should of ask Jerry about it.


Now go check out the list to see more people who were born in Ohio –

Now who is from Ohio that you really like, lets hear it in the comment section.

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