Fifth Third Field, Dayton, Ohio

Rating *****

Link: Dayton Dragons

from Texas141

Fifth Third Field in Dayton is home to the Dayton Dragons. The field is know for having the highest single season attendance record and the most consecutive sold out days. This does make getting a ticket to the field hard  at times, but it does help with keeping the field active and full of life. The stadium has 7,230 stadium-style seats in the stadium, 29 luxury suites and one press box on the Club Level of stadium, 3 Party Decks. The stadium was built in 2000.

Fifth Third Field field has many amenities that make going to a game exciting from Skyline Chili to Graeter’s Ice Cream. The games also have many promotions and special events.

What make Fifth Third Field good among other fields is not it size or attendance rates, but the amount of fun that is to be had. There are always a number of special events during a game and mascots dancing.

If you are a fan of the Dayton Dragons the field is the best place for you to go to see a game. If you do not follow baseball or the Dayton Dragons do not worry that is especially not need in as a requirement to have fun at Fifth Third Field.

Fifth Third Field is also  available to host an event, has concerts, and other non baseball events.



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