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Here at Randomohio we try to bring you our views of some of the great things to see in Ohio. It might be state parks, festivals, museums, roads to take, restaurants to eat at, or just some random wild events, but we strive to also connect others with our love of the great state of Ohio. We might visit it everyday or just a few months a year, but we do love it! We hope through our writings it will inspire you to get out and explore a little. We also know their is more to see in Ohio than just places you can travel to. The people of Ohio also make the state a place to visit. When exploring the state one learns about the states local artists who are creating everyday.

The website is a great place to buy art straight from the artist. You can find many great artists that range from the art students, crafters, stay at home parents, professional artists, and even groups of people. What is great about the website is that you are buying the work straight from the person who makes it. This gives you a chance to establish a relationship with the person and know that you are supporting their work. The middle man seems to be taken out of the picture. Another awesome thing is that you can request custom artwork from these artists. Many of these artist make some really great work.

On there are many great artists from Ohio that should be checked out. We want to protect the rights of the artists we are mentioning so we will not be showing any of their artwork here (sorry) so you will have to follow their Esty link to see what beautiful work there are doing. Many of the artist only go by the name of their shop, so we will do our best to find their names out.

Renie Britenbuche

Here is a link to her Etsy shop –  Renie lives in Northeast Ohio and makes very cool folk art style paintings. Her paintings seem to have a feel of whimsy in them that touches the heart and soul. She does many paintings of people and senery. Here paintings are very colorful and will remind you of happy times in each season. Here paintings would liven up any room you decided to hang them in. Do not confuse her artwork with being primitive folk art, but very modern in the style of folk art. She seems to bridge the two styles together. In each of her works you can see a sense of joy and happiness. Her paintings will bring a joy to your heart with each look.


Not sure the real names of this artist(s), but they do also live in the Northeast part of Ohio. They make unique plates that have a collage like feel with pictures cut out and fixed to the back of glass plates. The plates will bring a sense of place and memories to each person who looks at them. The artist has done a great job to bring a mixture of pictures to each plate and other items to make sure the theme of each piece is established very well. The plates have a sense of whimsy to them, but their also are very heartfelt in their design.


Yet another Northeast Ohio artist, this one in the realm of photography. The photography is of the country and landscape. Some of the paintings have been enhanced using fine art effects in Photoshop with an abstract or surreal flair. The photographs tend to lean towards vivid colors and the look of a painting. This makes the photographs very unique. The artist has some great shots of nature that bring the eye into the picture. The picture remind one of a walk in the fall with the leaves changing or a snowy day out at the lake. Some of the pictures have the quality to make one think of a great work of art hanging in a museum. The photographs make on want to explore the area of the artist and the beauty of nature. The artist really has an eye suited well for photography.

Craig Galentine a.k.a. Muluc

This Dayton artist makes Kokeshi dolls. These dolls are hand painted and very well done. The figures range from monks, ninjas, wedding figures, to sci-fi characters. These dolls seem to be made of wood and  stand between 4″ – 4 1/2″ tall.

Here is what the artists says about the dolls.

“Please note that these dolls are not intended for small children.
My kokeshi dolls are works of art to be used for display only, and not intended for play.

As with all products using natural materials such as wood, there will be slight variations in wood grain and color from doll to doll. Also with each doll being hand painted, there may be slight variations in color or pattern, not affecting the overall theme.”

The dolls would be great displayed in the home of a lover of a star wars or ninjas, but also in the home of person who wants something that looks truly unique, but also very well made. The painting of the dolls is simply outstanding.

Binky’s Fudge.

Nope not paintings of fudge, but the real thing. Handmade fudge that makes one want to take a bite out of their computer just looking at it. The fudge is made in small batches using only the finest ingredients. The fudge ships U.S. Priority 6 Days A Week. The fudge comes in many different flavors to suit everyone’s tastes.

Graham Erwin

Graham makes some great illustrations, screen prints, and designs and is located in Columbus. His work is  hand done so each work has a little difference in texture and color, which makes each piece special. What is nice is when you purchase a piece of artwork who can really see the time it takes to make each piece come to life. The artwork has a graphic design style to it with flair for the surreal. The prints are of the highest quality.

This is only a list of a few of the great artists on There are also many really good people making jewelry, clothes, furniture, and more, all of them from Ohio. If you go to and then go to the left side to the ways to shop section. Then click on shop local and then search by the area of Ohio you live in or like to visit or just type in Ohio you will find many great artist. You will be surprised how many artists live and work in your local area. Esty is great since you can support a local person and you also know that you are buying local.

Check it out!

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