1487 N Bridge St, Chillicothe, OH 45601

From the outside the place looks like a bank, but around back hides a surprise. Sumburger is not a traditional sit down burger joint. It’s a drive in and a sit down restaurant.  The drive-in looks like and functions similarly to Sonic Restaurant. The feel somehow is still traditional and local.

Inside the dining experience gets a little different. Sumburger prides itself on not harassing the customer. With this in mind the wait staff will not come to your table unless you call them. And call them you do. Each table is equipped with a phone that is connected directly to the kitchen. When it is time to order simply pick up the phone and order. No waiting for someone to come back. Need more mustard, pick up the phone.

The menu is standard diner lunch fare, with sandwiches, baskets, and salads. It is heavy on sandwiches and the sandwiches are heavy on flavor. The “Sumburger” over flows and drips with sum sauce, a basic secret sauce of relish and mayo. The sauce is well balanced and added a nice texture to the burger. The fries are not too thick or to skinny. Overall a well done choice.  The unique part of the place is in how it adds to the standard. With deep fried mushrooms, perch and cod, and daily selection of kool – aid.

The interior is decorated not in a kitsch 50’s diner, but seems to be collected over the years. From a collection of zippo lighters to the phones at the table, each compliments the decor without becoming over bearing. Whether a local or outsiders the atmosphere is welcoming and inviting.  So next time you’re in Chillicothe stop by and have sumburger.


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