Fun Places to Visit in Cleveland

This post is going to be reviewing three different Cleveland businesses and then tell some of the places we would like to visit in Cleveland.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

By Jason Pratt from Pittsburgh, PA (FishSpeaker) (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Cleveland is more than just the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is not the only great place to visit in Cleveland.

We hope that is not all that other in the country think of this great city because when others are on a trip to Cleveland they would miss out on some of the other great places to visit. The are some great unexpected places of interest.

Sweetie Candy Company Inc – Candy Warehouse

Link: Sweetie candy company inc – Candy Warehouse

Rating: ****

Quick Review: Candy, Candy, Candy!

One of these places is b.a. Sweetie candy company inc – Candy Warehouse. Not only is this the biggest candy store in the United States. This candy store is open to the public and in the store you will find isle after isle of some of your favorite candies. What is great about this store is that it has lesser known candies and some that you might have not seen since your childhood and if you are a kid, some candy you might not of ever seen. When you walk around the isles you might feel like a archeologist digging up forgotten treasure or a detective looking for a lost treat. You will be surprised at the amount of candy that is in this store. The store looks fun inside with bright packaging and some candy related advertising, but be warned it is a warehouse type of store, so it does have cardboard boxes on shelves. You can buy the candy in bulk or individual sizes. The size and warehouse approach means they have a huge selection of vendors and a good price on the candy. One surprise when going to the store was to find Amish cashew crunch in the store. Amish cashew crunch is like peanut brittle but made with cashews and butter, so not as hard as peanut brittle.

Warning: Do not go into this store saying you are just going looking around and will not be buying anything because you will.

2nd Warning: Kids if you take your parents to this store it might be hard to get them to leave and they will want to buy lots of the candy in the store.
Coventry Village September
By THD3 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Big Fun Toy Store

(two locations, Cleveland Heights, Coventry Village neighborhood location was visited and reviewed)

Location with a picture of the inside of the shop:,-81.579999&spn=0.001342,0.002776&sll=41.510093,-81.580108&layer=c&cid=3781860213153334215&panoid=hOlPj75aEco4QKHe5hufHA&cbp=13,356.43,,0,0&t=m&z=19&vpsrc=0&cbll=41.509997,-81.580169  (make sure to check out the link because it gives you a real sense of the amount of items in the store)

Link: Big Fun Toy Store


Quick Review: A toy store and toy museum all in one.

If you think that a toy store is only for kids, think again. Big Fun Toy Store is a store that has something for adults and kids. The store is no Toys R Us. The store is more than just a toy store it is a pop culture museum of sorts. You will find many toys ranging from many different decades. The toys are everywhere when you enter the store. Every possible place has a toy on it. Before you go to the store check out the information they have on their site especially on this page because this page will tell you where some of the flooring and furniture in the store comes from. The facts on that page alone make it worth a visit to the store. If you are a toy collector you are sure to find a favorite item in this store. One could spend hours in this store and never get bored with the items on the shelves. Expect to spend more time than you planned in this store.

Goody’s Family Restaurant


Rating: ****

Quick Review: Great family restaurant with good food.

Goody’s Family Restaurant is conveniently located  in Brook Park near the Cleveland – Hopkins International Airport.  This restaurant is a family owned establishment and has been open for over 26 years. Being open that long they must be doing something right and they are. The restaurant has excellent food in a friendly atmosphere. The restaurant has your standard family restaurant fair of burgers, steak, pies and fries, each done very well. The restaurant also has a few other items on the menu of interest. One highlight is the Grecian platter with slice gyro meat, rice, Grecian salad, stuffed grape leaves, and pita bread and this is a great platter if you have never had Greek food before. One great thing about a family owned restaurant is that they tend to have something special on the menu that the chain places do not have. Some of those highlights are the chicken kehob, baklava, Greek salad, waffles, and many breakfast items. This restaurant has a wide selection so even the pickiest eater will be able to find something. Do not forget to ask your server what the soup of the day is.


Cleveland 4thOfJuly KDH
By Room237 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Places to Visit

There are plenty of places to visit yet to be experienced in Cleveland. Probably one of the most known outside of Cleveland chefs and restaurant owner is Michael Symon.  Micheal Symon is best known for being and Iron Chef on the Food Network, so from seeing him so many times on television we feel we can call him Michael or do his friends call him Symon? Well he does own more than one restaurant in the Cleveland area. What is great about Michael is that he was born in the Cleveland area and after going to New York he chose to come back and set up in his hometown.  If you ever watch his shows on the food network you can see his love of Ohio and meat. Yes, he is a meat lover and he makes no excuses for it, as he shouldn’t. He owns Lola. Lola is located in Downtown Cleveland and gives diners a chance to see a modern take on some of their favorite dishes. Looking over the menu some of the dishes that look of interest are the Wild Steelhead Trout, Venison, and  Wild Boar Ragu (we said he likes meat). Lola would be a fun night out. If Lola is too fancy for one Micheal does have three burger places called B Spot. Some of the good-looking dishes on their menu are tomato blue cheese soup, Yo! burger with fried salami, coppa, hot peppers, provolone, shasha hot sauce, Mr. Porky brat with pulled pork, pickled jalapenos, shredded cheddar, and the New School fried bologna with Russian dressing, pickled onions, sweet hot pickles, fried egg. B Spot looks like a good place to hang out with a group of friends and reasonable prices. Micheal’s other restaurant is Lolita. What must be tried at Lolita is the fried brussels sprouts fried in lard and after seeing this dish at Lolita featured on a television show one dreams of the fried sprouts nightly.

The West Side Market also looks like an interesting place to visit. With its origins dating back to 1840 the West Side Market is Cleveland’s oldest publicly owned market. The market has over 100 vendors selling things from meat to candy. The market is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Cleveland is worth the trip or the night out.


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