Made in Ohio: Esther Price Candy

Valentines Day Special Post


Ratting: *****

Quick Review: Yummy Chocolate!

Esther Price Candy in Dayton is a chocolate lovers candy. Esther Price Candy was started by none other than Esther Price and can be found in gold boxes. You know you are going to have great candy when you see the gold box in a store. The company has changed hands over the years going from being owned by multiple people and then by a family. One thing that has not changed over the years is the quality of the chocolate.

You do not need to search out a store in your local area that cares this candy, you can order directly off their website. Some of their best-selling candy is their assorted boxes of chocolates. These assorted boxes are great as a gift or as a sampling of the vast amount of different kinds of candy they make. One of these boxes would make a great Valentine’s Day gift. One problem when getting a box of candy is not knowing what each piece of candy has inside of it. The Esther Price website does have a candy guide to tell one what each candy is, so if you do not like coconut or cherry do not worry. Esther Price also sells gift boxes and seasonal packages. Ordering one of these will really make your love one know you went out-of-the-way to get a great gift for them. Your organization can also fundraise with their candy.

With each bite of Esther Price Candy one can tell it is made with care and love. The candy is of the highest quality. If you live in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, or Tennessee you can pick up the candy at stores. If this is not one of the states you live in you can order the candy online. Do not miss this awesome candy this Valentine’s Day. Buy a box for yourself because the love one you give it to will not want to share.


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