The Neon

130 E 5th St, Dayton, OH 45402

In this day and age it is hard to find a local and independent movie theatre, but there is one that is not worth missing. The Neon in Dayton is small theater with lots of features not found in many of the larger movie theaters. Alcoholic drinks, a wide variety of movies each week, and special events are some of the things found here.

The Neon Movie Theater shows many different movies each month and with some only showing once. Some of the titles shown at the theater are not found anywhere else in the area (or even state). The Neon movie theater is a great place to take a date or an even better place to see a movie on a Monday afternoon. The theater takes care in picking new titles to make sure to pick titles so that not only obscure or lesser known, but any film worth watching is shown.

The Neon is also known locally and nationally for its support of film. From the film festivals that sell out, to the local and national premieres, the variety is astounding. With acclaimed documentaries, independent films, short features, and overlooked movies there is something for everyone. The theater also hosts a well, if not over, attended Oscar party with free seating and prizes. With great forethought and planning the line up at The Neon reflects the makeup of the awards themselves. Some of the films being shown at the Neon are not at many other places.

With the variety of options for watching movies at home theaters know that they need to offer a little extra to draw in customers. The Neon exceeds this. The selection at most concession stands is the same at most gas stations. The Neon’s is better than most local restaurants. Offering candy inspired coffees, mixed drinks, sugar free Tuesdays, popcorn, and much more.

If in Dayton and in the mood to see a movie then give the Neon a look.


from Neon Theater website

from Neon Theater website


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