Kings Island

6300 Kings Island Dr, Mason, OH 45040

It may not have the world’s tallest or fastest roller coasters but Kings Island does have something to offer. Roller coasters (3rd most in the world), thrill rides, shows, kid rides, or even a dinosaur can be found at this Southwest Ohio Icon.

From the classic days of Ohio’s amusement park glory is the Beast and the Racers. The Beast is the world’s longest wooden roller coaster, third longest overall. The famous wooden coaster snakes through the backwoods over two hills and through a twisting tunnel. It’s one ride that is always worth another go. The Racer is the other wooden coaster. A classic up and down coaster, it gets its name from the two mirror image tracks. At one time the trains rain in opposite directions, but now both run forwards. Along with the wooden coasters are many classic rides. The Scrambler, bumper cars, and Merry Go Round, are always a nice way to avoid the crowds.

The classics sit alongside the modern at Kings Island. The newest being the Windseeker, a classic swing ride raised over 300 feet in the air. If steel coasters are your thing then the Diamondback, a fast loading high thrill ride, The Firehawk, a high speed upside down flying coaster, or Flight of Fear, an twisting indoor thrill, will satisfy. With the park now owned by Cedar Fair the list, at 14, is bound to get bigger and better.

If rides are not your thing then the park has much to offer. From the scenic train to the lovely walking paths to the Iconic Eiffel Tower, even a dinosaur or two in the new Dinos Alive section. This section contains some of the largest robotic dinosaurs ever built.

So for a good time in southwest Ohio look no further than Kings Island.

Quick tip: rainy days, late in the season, and in middle of the week days have almost no crowds.


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