This summer

During the cold dark days of winter, wait is it not spring now. The days might of not been that cold or that dark, but one does dream of the long days of summer and driving down that country road with the top down and the wind in their hair. Okay, the top is not down as we have never owned a car that does that and then what about the bugs in your face. Who wants to not be able to listen to the radio as you drive anyways.

This summer we are planning on two series and we need your help.

Not only do we need you to donate a few bucks to help pay for our gas money so we can explore new places…there is a link on the right—>, but we also need some ideas. We know we do not know everything their is to know.

The two series we will be doing are

Food of Ohio – places to eat and places to buy food

Unusual Ohio – weird, different, or just not to miss places in Ohio

So do you know a good place to eat in Ohio?

A good place to buy food?

A place in Ohio not to miss?

Let us know!

Here is your reward for reading this and writing a comment. Straight from the Library of Congress it is Ohio.


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