Undiscovered Ohio

While thinking of new places to search out and post to write, we had a thought and we would like to share that thought with you.

Where in Ohio is undiscovered? What is a hidden gem?

Here is what we found.

This is a cool article to check out Athens, Ohio. The top 10 undiscovered places of Athens.

Now coming across and article about Haunted Ohio is a surprise. No need to get scared and turn off your computer, just read the website.  http://www.hauntedhocking.com/ has tones of information about haunted places in Ohio. One is sure to find some places and story they have never heard of before.

This site is great to check out – http://www.forgottenoh.com/. Forgotten Ohio has been featured in many different places. When you get to the site click on the skeleton to see all the closed places. There are tons of closed places you can learn about then go out and explore yourself. This site is so cool do not miss it! Go now! Go!

Where is an undiscovered place in Ohio you know about?


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