Drive-In Movie Theaters

List of Ohio Drive ins

Since the beginning of the movie theater industry movies have been shown outdoors.  The reasons have varied. Be it lack of indoor air conditioning or lack of a building all together. In 1933 someone decided to make it so that theater goers could watch a movie in the comfort of their own cars. Thus the Drive In Movie theater was born. Ohio, leader not a follower, was no late comer to the fad. In the heyday of the drive-ins Ohio was strong. During the decline, Ohio held strong. Today Ohio has the second most number of drive in theaters, with 31 still showing movies.

The Drive-in is a right of passage for all Ohioans. From the first time one sees the screen through the front windshield to the moment the last frame is displayed the drive in is an experience like no other.

The days of the large speaker sitting on the window are gone. Drive-ins now use a radio transmitter to send the sound to the system of each car. This means that some cars will have a better sound that some dedicated theaters, and that individuals will be able to customize the sound to their personal liking. This also means that with a small radio or boombox the sound can go where ever it is needed.  It is this level of control and convenience that makes the experience unique.

If a patron feels like talking, texting, running, sitting, or eating loudly this is okay because the Drive-in is a place of personal space.  With the ability to personalize everything from the level of the sound to the temperature it ones car is ones own private theater.

Even though ones car maybe a personal theater the drive-in is still able to convey a sense of community. Exit the car and the sounds of the movie mingle with the sounds of nature and other patrons. Meet up with friends, chat, and enjoy. As long as everyone keeps things with in reason the sky, literally, is the limit.

This sense of private and public has kept the drive-in alive and well in the state of Ohio. From the cozy spring to the balmy autumn the state is ideal for outdoor theater. With almost 7 months of comfortable nights and plenty of open spaces drive-ins are a great way to send time in the great Ohio outdoors.

P.s. Most drive-ins offer double features with the price still lower than the average movie ticket.

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