The Golden Lamb

The Golden Lamb, located in Lebanon, is Ohio’s oldest hotel. The hotel was listed on the National Register of Historic Places as The Golden Lamb. A very good detailed history can be found on their website. Today the hotel and restaurant is open for lunch, dinner, and brunch on the weekend. The hotel is open year around with 18 historic rooms. Each room is named after the famous person who stayed there. You can stay in rooms that Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Regan, Taft, George W. Bush and many others stayed in. That alone would make it historic and fun.

The big draw of The Golden Lamb is the food. Many people come every year for the food and most do not stay a night. The Golden Lamb has dining rooms, a tavern and banquet rooms. If you want to eat at the restaurant the best things to do is go on The Golden Lamb website and see if a table is available or call to make reservations. Reservations are not mandatory but the restaurant can get busy, especially on holiday weekends. You will have a wait at holiday time if you have a reservation or not.  You will need to make Easter, Christmas, or Mother’s Day reservation very early in order to get a reservation. The food at the restaurant ranges from bison meatloaf, pork tenderloin, scallops, fried chicken, turkey, salmon, salads, soups, desserts. The Golden Lamb tries to use local ingredients when possible. The turkey is a standard favorite. The Black Horse Tavern at The Golden Lamb is a great place to hang out and have a cold one. The tavern does serve simpler food.

The Golden Lamb has a gift shop to browse. The upstairs portion of the Hotel includes the rooms and a few displays about the history of the area. These are both great pleases to visit while you wait for your table or after your meal.

The Golden Lamb’s food is the real draw. If it was only a historic inn that would not be enough for a return visit, but there is always something to try. The atmosphere of the place is wonderful.

Tip: After you visit The Golden Lamb you can walk around Lebanon and visit the other shops nearby.

Further research into The Golden Lamb finds that it has ghost that also haunt it. Go here to find out more:  Do not worry the ghosts will not hurt you or your food.


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