Schlegel’s Coffee House

In this day there are many coffee shops to choose from, it is almost like they are thrown in your face. You see the drive up ones when you are driving around, they’re in your grocery store, on just about every other street corner, and have lots of ads. So when you find a coffee shop you really like you hope it lasts for a long time (many local ones do not). Schlegel’s is one of those places and a real find in downtown Chillicothe. When first entering Schlegel’s it looks nothing like a coffee shop, but more like a 1940’s era ice cream parlor. This is what makes Schlegel’s so much fun. The coffee shop serves lots of different coffees. I would recommend the iced mocha on a hot summer day. It has just the right amount of sweetness. They also serve desserts, box lunches, sandwiches, soda, and of course Velvet Ice Cream. The pretzel bread used in some of the sandwiches was really tasty. Schlegel’s also has something not found at probably many other coffee shops caramel puffcorn (award-winning). It is puffed corn with just the right amount of sweetness. The great thing about the puffcorn is that it does come in a small bag size so you can get just the right amount for a snack or a taste.

Schlegel’s has friendly service and a relaxing atmosphere that makes you want to stay a while. This would be a good place to come back to a few times to see if it is relaxing with a big crowd in it, some coffee shops are not. Schlegel’s is a good place to get a nice lunch or a breakfast sandwich. So if you are in Chillicothe make sure to check it out.

Just in case you have never heard of velvet ice cream from Utica, Ohio here is their website:


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