OinkADoodleMoo Smoky BBQ

Rating ****

Links: http://oinkadoodlemoo.com/

Quick Review: BBQ

This is a fast causal chain restaurant company and normally we do not review chain restaurant, but after eating here one has to share. This Local BBQ chain did make Forbes’ top five ‘hot little restaurant chains’. This must mean something. The BBQ can be found at a handful of locations in the Dayton area. The easy part of this restaurant is you go to counter and pick your meat, then your sauce and if you want a drink or sides if you like. The platter comes with 2 sides. This makes for a great meal. They serve pulled pork, pulled chicken, beef brisket and BBQ ribs to name a few items.

There are two things that make for great BBQ, okay maybe more than two, but they do get the sauce and meat correct. The sauce comes in 4 different flavors. This will mean if you take someone there they will not fight you. So, if you come from any part of the BBQ country you will find your style sauce. Now do not forget dessert and they have cookies or ice cream from Young’s Jersey Dairy.

Not being one who is a BBQ fanatic one can can only say that OinkADoodleMoo is very tasty, but you need try it for yourself. If you are so into BBQ that you get crazy about each little bite come and try it for yourself.


OinkADoodleMoo also does catering and special events.



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