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Five Rivers Metro Parks


Five Rivers Metro parks is adding a Tree Tower to the Cox Arboretum park. This tower will be a 30 foot tall structure with a platform on top to view the park and surrounding area.

Rating: *****


Quick Review: Outdoor activities for everyone.

The best way to start out a review of the Five Rivers Metro Parks is by listing the parks goals


  • To be recognized as the leader in land protection; caring for what we have and adding what we need.
  • To connect today’s 21st century audience with nature and conservation.
  • To be recognized as an indispensable leader in the quality of life, wellness and economic vitality of the community.
  • To be recognized as a responsible steward of the Montgomery County taxpayers dollars and as returning a value for those dollars

The Five Rivers Metro Parks are located in and around Dayton, Ohio and Montgomery County. The parks are more and more every year than what one would expect from outdoor recreation. The park system is changing to meet the needs of the 21st century person. Here is a list of a few of the activities: hiking, boating, cycling, rock climbing, general fitness, horseback riding, gardening, bird watching, plant observing, and more. The metro park system has three types of parks, urban parks, natural area parks, and garden parks. The metro park system is also more than just one park, but a system of parks, trails, bike paths, and rivers.

What is nice about the parks is that they are basically free and open for a long period of times. The parks offer educational activities for every age group.

Here is a highlight of some of the parks. Some parks to not miss.

Cox Aboretum is a 189-acre facility is a place for visitors to escape among trees, shrubs, specialty gardens, mature forests, and prairies. Cox’s hosts many educational programs through out the year. Cox is located in the middle of the South Dayton area near the Dayton Mall. Cox is easily accessed and can be enjoyed in a few hours or most of the day. Cox’s has many plant species to look at. Cox’s also host an annual butterfly house in the summer. Cox is great for the young and old because the trails are paved or not on a great incline. Cox is the perfect place to go on a warm summer evening to look at the flowers.

Germantown Metro Park is also one of the park systems gems. Germantown MetroPark is located twenty minutes from Dayton. Germantown MetroPark is the most diverse and significant natural area managed by MetroParks. Germantown has a wonderful small nature center (check the their website for hours) with a great staff of park rangers to assist one in getting to know the park and it’s natural beauty. The great thing about the nature center is the park rangers can tell you which part of the park to aviod because of washed out areas or down trees, espically in early summer. The rangers also put on a great deal of natural education activities. Germantown Metropark is a hikers paridise withover 15.9 miles of wooded trails for walking and hiking. The park also allows group camping for organizations involved in environment activites. The park has wooded areas, praries, streams, and creeks. The Twin Valley Backpacking Trail is also accessable from the park.

There is something for everyone to do: go downtown to Riverscape and watch the foutian in the summer, canoe at Eastwood Metropark, cross country ski at Englewood Metropark, horseback ride at Carriage Hill Metropark, moutian bike at Huffman Metropark, or look at the beautiful flowers at Alluwood Garden Metropark. The Metropark system has something for every age group, ability level, interest, and expereince. The Fiver Rivers Metropark system is one of the best in the state of Ohio.

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