Repost: Free Summer Fun in Ohio Series

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US Route 35 (Ohio portion)

15 05 2009

Rating: ***


Quick Review: A scenic view of southern Ohio. A great view of the hills.

Running form Indiana in the west to West Virgina in the east this is one of the most scenic roads Ohio has to offer.  Offering many historic landmarks and attraction along the way this is one drive not to miss.

Starting in West Virgina and traveling west one first notices the many hills and dlaes the area has to offer. This is the great thing about the road. It changes with the landscape of southern Ohio. While in the hills one will start to see the land level out and many farms pop up.

The city of Rio Grande is home to one of these farms. Named after it’s famous owner the Bob Evans farm is home to the original Bob Evans and the Bob Evans Museum. All though the food is great, it has become a little to copperate to capture the feel of being “Down on the farm.”

After a few more miles one will arrive in Chillicothe, Ohio’s first Capital. This is a historic area with Adena Mansion and Techumseua Outdoor Drama. A small but not to be missed place. After this however the road becomes a little baren until you hit Jeffersonville Outlet malls and the start of the Dayton-Xenia metro area.

Xenia is home to many great places. Just be carefull of stormy weather as the town has a history of tornadoes. Dayton is Ohio’s 4th largest city (58th largest in the nation) and has a limitless wealth of things to do. Travelling further down the road one comes to the more inhabited side of the road.

After having left the country side of Eastern Ohio the road starts to get to be a little harder to follow. Winding through Trotwood and towards Eaton it makes many a turn. Enjoy the small midwest feel as you pass the small villages that dot this side of Ohio.

Eaton is a small county seat with very little to see along the road. To truly enjoy this part of Ohio one must travel more off the beaten path. Eaton, Camden and Greenville are a journey unto themselves.

Finally the road ends up meeting I-70 and going into Indiana. This is the site of the famous “Welcome to Ohio” archway and the end of the journey along one of Ohio’s most scenic  routes.

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