Armstrong Air & Space Museum

Armstrong Air and Space -ror2015

Rating ***


(Support the Museum so it can continue to open. )

Yes that is Neil Armstrong. This museum honors Neil Armstrong and other Ohioans who have flown in the air or space. The museum is located at 500 South Apollo Drive in Wapakoneta, OH. One thing you will notice when you approach the museum is that it is dome shaped.  The museum has many galleries. One gallery has artifacts from early air achievements and Ohio’s role in the development of flight. One might be surprised to learn that Dayton balloonist, Warren Rasor , won trophies that are on display. The museum has lots of artifacts from Ohio having to do with Aviation and Space Flights. The museum has a few levels. On the second level starts more about space with equipment from Apollo missions and moon rocks.

The museum is highly informative. Many Ohioans will be surprised to learn how much Ohioans have done to help advance aviation and space exploration. The museum is not huge, but very manageable in one afternoon. The museum has lots of artifacts to look at so one is never bored at the museum. The museum will keep people wanting more. This is one gem in Ohio that will really open all peoples eyes to how much Ohio has helped advance aviation and flight.



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