Ohio Statehouse

1 Capitol Square, Columbus, OH 43215


Capitol Square, a complex that includes the Ohio Statehouse, Senate Building and Atrium are all available to visit most days. You can visit them and look around on your own. You can also take one of the hourly tours in the middle of the day. The tours are nice because you get to see all of the rooms and places where laws are made. If you book a tour and the Senate is in session, you probably will not be able to visit the senate, so plan ahead. A good time to go is in the summer, you can tour the whole statehouses public spaces and the school tours are not happening. The tours lead you through many of the public spaces and give you the history of the buildings and how the statehouse came to be. It is really interesting to see how the buildings were made. One will be surprised at how much Lincoln influenced the statehouse. Now we could give you a long list of every feature of the statehouse and what it looks like, but then why would you want to visit. The best part is going to the statehouse and experiencing it for yourself.

There is also a tour series during the Halloween season. This tour series is called the Haunted Statehouse Tours. These tours are done for a limited time each year, so plan ahead.

Tours are not the only thing to do at the Statehouse, there is also a museum. The Statehouse Museum has many exhibits that highlight the legislative process in Ohio. There are many interactive exhibits. This museum is a great place to go to locate information or test your knowledge. The great thing about the museum is that it highlights what is happening today and also allows visitors to give their opinion.

Photo courtesy of the Ohio Statehouse Photo Archive.

Photo courtesy of the Ohio Statehouse Photo Archive.


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