Places to go in 2013

Here is a list of some of the places to visit in 2013. Some of the places are well know, but places we have not been and some are a little unknown. It is always fun to find a place that maybe not many know about.

1. The first place is Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum at 118 Woodland Avenue, in Dayton. Yes a cemetery, but even more than that. The cemetery has buried in it  the Wright Brothers, Paul Laurence Dunbar, and Erma Lazarus and more famous people from Dayton. Not sure if it will be like a treasure hunt to find them or they will be well marked. It will be a great historical adventure. A chance to see the history behind Dayton in a different way.

2. Dayton International Peace Museum is another one of those places that probably has been around for a while, but one that we just have never been to. It is nice to go to smaller museums with dedicated staff and volunteers who really are dedicated to the museum. This museum’s focus is not one that many museums in the United States have.

3.A nature lovers dream is the Ohio Bird Sanctuary at 3774 Orweiler Road in Mansfield. What more could one want hiking trails and a great organization that is helping to give birds a second chance.

4. A trip along Lake Erie, from one side of the state to the other or a trip along the Ohio River. Now either of these adventures would take some time and some planning, but they would be fun. Major fun!

5. Here is a place that is not open much during the month, but it might be worth a trip, Weltzheimer/Johnson House Frank Lloyd Wright Building. It is also only open April through November, so some planning is needed, but it would be a great addition to a trip to Oberlin. Frank Lloyd Wright houses are always fun to look at.

6.The Tod Engine Heritage Park at 2261 Hubbard Road in Youngstown is a different place for sure. Since we have never been, here is what we think it is. It sounds like a park with some historic steelmaking equipment on display. Now that sounds like a place to get some great pictures. Yes, pictures.

7. Ohio has a great aviation history so a trip to the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton. One thinks this place even has a diner connected to it or next to it.

8. The next place has been written about before, but it is still on place we have not discovered, that place is the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati. This type of museum is one that is historical and dedicated to one thing, but also fun. It would be great to go on one of the guided tours and really learn about the signs.

9. Now off to Toledo, not sure why, but it is calling in 2013. It might be that we have not really discovered it enough. Maybe the zoo. Toledo does have an importance to Ohio becoming a state.

10. No trip would be complete without a food adventure. So here is a place that looks good. The Echo Restaurant in Cincinnati looks like it is one of those places just has good food, not high priced overdone celebrity chef food or a cookie cutter stamped chain places. One of those places that serves a great breakfast. A place you drive to on a Saturday because thinking about one of the dishes is keeping you awake at night. Now this is a place to try and figure out if it is as good as it looks.

Reading TripAdvisor or other websites does give you a good amount of information, but reading the reviews are not always helpful. The problem is that their might be some negative reviews that would have you deciding not to visit a place. You should visit anyways and make your own decision. Any place is worth the adventure once, no place is worth skipping, no place. Here we try to give you some information about a place in a positive light, our opinions a little, but mostly what the place offers so you can make your own opinions once you visit the place. We are a travel site, but we are also lovers of traveling around Ohio.


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