Husteon Woods

Rating ****

Link: Tours website page:

Address: 6301 Park Office Road
College Corner, OH 45003

Quick  Review: Great outdoor state park with many activities to do for the weekend, day, or week.

Ohio, like many states has great state parks with great activities and amenities. Hueston Woods is located in Southwestern Ohio. Hueston woods is a state park with many outdoor activities to fill up a weekend or week of fun. The park is nearly 3,000 acres. The park does include the 625 acre Acton Lake. You can boat on the lake, but you will need to check out their website to see the restrictions. The park has a lodge, camping, cottages, and more. If you do not want to stay the night, or you can not get a camping spot in the busy summer months, you can always just come for the day. The park has many great hiking trails. We would suggest this as we have spent many a day exploring the park on foot. There are also bridle and mountain bike trails. If summer is not your season there is also many winter activities in the park.

The park also has a nature center where they do bird rehabilitation and other nature programs. The suggestion is to check out the website for a monthly schedule of events. You could find out that there is something going on to your liking each month.

The lodge is a great place to spend a night or just eat at the restaurant. It has been a while since we went to the restaurant, but from memory the food was good. The food is well priced, so at least you will not break the bank trying it out. The lodge also is a great place for a wedding. One of the good things about staying at the lodge is you are close to many activities in the area. Too many to name here, but this link should help you out Hueston Woods is near enough to Cincinnati, Dayton, and Indiana, so your choices are endless.

If you like to golf, disc or regular then you can do it at Hueston Woods. You can also fish in the lake. One surprising thing about the park is that you can find fossils here. In hopes to not sound like a laundry list, maybe you should just go check out the park yourself.

Hueston Woods is a great Ohio state park with many great features, check it out for yourself.

p.s. Check out their website to see the history of the area.


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