Bluegrass Music Festivals in Ohio

Bluegrass is a truly American form of music. Yes, it is influenced by other countries and people who came to America from these countries, that is what it makes it American. It is in the turning of past experiences into a new form that is truly unique. What makes Bluegrass fun to listen to is the realness to it. Real people playing real instruments, not auto tuning or back up. The musicians actually play their instruments. They do not dance and sing and flash some skin to get the crowd going. The crowd gets going by the plucking of strings. It takes talent to play bluegrass music, not every kid who looks good can be successful just on looks and starting a Youtube channel. Bluegrass seems to be more down to earth and more about the music and less about the hype. It becomes fun to listen to the fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass, and dobro being played in upbeat fashion

Lets take a little journey around the internet to figure out more about bluegrass in the state of Ohio. First lets see where their must be the correct information and all we need to know. Wikipedia it is, Okay that did not help, it talked about the area in Kentucky.  Here is all it says about Bluegrass Music

Although Bluegrass music is popular throughout the region, the genre is actually indirectly named for the state rather than the region.[2]

For once, I know can you believe it, Wikipedia was no help. Lets just do a search for Bluegrass Music in Ohio. Here is what we got







So not bad. There are lots of festivals in Ohio.

One that is popular is the Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival, It happens in March each year. Here is a link to other festivals, There are many jams around Ohio also where you can hear some great Bluegrass music. If you have never really listened to Bluegrass before a good suggestion is to find a festival to go to. What is great about a festival is they are free or reasonably priced and you get to see lots of bands during the festival. Some Bluegrass festivals have camping, which other types of music festivals do not always have. You also can do a few other activities during the festival.

Here is one for anyone who wants to listen to a little newer style of bluegrass, Appalachian Uprising, This type of Bluegrass might not always be for the purest, but it does follow the same high level of talent as even the most pure band.

If you want to have fun and be really impressed by some awesome musicians, find a bluegrass festival in Ohio to attend.



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