Lincoln Highway in Ohio


The Lincoln Highway is a historic highway that goes from New York to California. The highway is celebrating its 100 year anniversary this year. To do our part in the celebration of one of this countries old highways we are providing a little information. These old highways were life lines for towns and would take a traveler on a great journey through small towns and local hotspots. If you have only been on our get to your next destination as fast as you can interstates, you are missing out on seeing a great part of America.

If you need a visual and are now totally confused of what we speak. Go here

The Ohio portion of the Lincoln Highway cuts through the state of Ohio in the upper half starting in East Liverpool and then exiting in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Some of the highlights of the Lincoln Highway in Ohio are the National First Ladies’ Library in Canton, Lehman’s Cast Iron Cafe between Canton and Wooster, Historic Spread Eagle Tavern in Hanoverton, Brumback Library in Van Wert, and many farms.

Here are some great sites with more information about the highway

Ohio Lincoln Highway League

This one is from the driveohio youtube channel


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