Made in Ohio: 10 Products We Love

So I happen to be on searching for products that are made in Ohio and came across this site, USA Love List. The site tells some products made in the United States.

Here is the page I am talking about (come back after)

So now we or should I say I want to post my own list. This list might or might not be ten. It will not be a top ten list.

Velvet Ice Cream – This ice cream is made in Utica, Ohio. The company has been for 100 years. You can take a tour of the Olde Mill Factory. The ice cream come in many delicious flavors.

Not be out done is another ice cream maker and facility.

Young’s Jersey Dairy – This company makes ice cream and so much more. The company also sells other products. The company started out as a dairy farm, which they still do. They sell their ice cream straight to the public near Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Esther Price Chocolate – This company makes is Dayton, Ohio based. To see one of these gold covered boxes in your local Kroger is feel like you have come home. They make a great traditional holiday gift, not just Christmas, but every holiday. They are not in other states and not just Ohio Kroger. They also have retail stores. They were also voted in 2014 as the Best Ohio Made Candy by readers of Ohio Magazine. The have a lot of varieties of chocolates, sweets, and snacks. Yum Yum Yum

Jones Potato Chip Companyy – Great potato chips out of Mansfield, Ohio. They make some great varieties of chips. Writing this my mouth is already watering.

Tony Packo’s Food Products – They also have cafes and yes you heard it on M.A.S.H. This Toledo company makes great Hungarian hot dogs and condiments. Very good quality. They have many different jarred peppers that are great on hot dogs. Something to try is the Hungarian Salsa.

It must be lunch time looking over this list, so far. Here are some non food ones.

American Whistle Corporation – This company in Columbus has been making whistles for a long time. They have factory group tours that showcase, that an American company can still make quality products at a reasonable price.

The Christy Knife Company – This company is in Fremont, Ohio and makes a unique sliding pocket knife. The company as a been around since the late 1800s. The knife is great if want to have it on a key chain or open it with one hand. You could wear it like a pocket watch for added style.

Step2 – This company makes children’s toys, children’s furniture, and home and garden items. They have a wide range of products. They have some really nice looking products. There products can be found all over Ohio in many of the big retailers.

Sutphen Corp – This company make fire trucks and other related equipment. They have been making this much-needed equipment for many years. They make most of the their equipment in Ohio. They do have a one factory outside of Ohio.

Hall China Company – This company make really good dishes and food service products. They have many older products they have re issued in different colors and numbers, so you can have an older style product. What is nice is their products are modern timeless and bright-colored.

Annin Flagmakers – This company makes American flags (which should be made in America). If you already got your share and your neighbors share of American flags they do make other flags. This is not a 100% Ohio company, but they do have a factory in Coshocton, Ohio.

Root Candles – This candle company has been making candles in Medina since 1869. They make some fine candles in many colors and scents. They have a wide selection.


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