Trip Planning

From personal experience one knows that planning a trip can be very different for different people. People fall into many categories and subcategories and shared categories when planning trips. Here are two categories that stick out, the “itinerary person” and the “go with the flow person”.

Itinerary Person

This type of person spends months combing over travel magazines, travel websites, visits their local travel company, and researches every aspect of the trip. They plan out each day with numerous events and destinations. This person might forgo all this fun, but long, amount of work and just go on a package tour. This person stresses over having the most fun packed into each day.

Go With the Flow Person

This type of person gets in their car or arrives at their destination with a general idea of what they want to do, but really just lets each day bring on the adventure. This is your classic get in the car and just drive type of adventure. This person might spend sometime beforehand planning, but they in no way try to plan each day out.

Which is better?

Neither is better, and most do some of each. A good trip needs some planning so one can know what is in a city or along the route. Also a little planning can be good to build the excitement.

In the current state of the world one can really plan as they go, with the use of smartphones, websites, and travel books. A person can do a little planning and then go on the adventure and as they are going they can find destinations along the route with the use of technology. The great thing about technology is that it can be used and it can be not used. One can decide if they want to use it. Also it is nice to have the security of knowing that if you get totally lost or in a jam you have something to rely on.

The caution with technology is to remember you are on a holiday (as the Brits say) and that means turn off the Twitter and Facebook and texts from your home and work life, you are leaving it. Let it be some distant land your return to after your great adventure. A vacation or a day trip is an escape and should be fully enjoyed.

Here are two Ohio apps to help you

  •  Official Ohio Travel Guide by TourismOhio By Ripple Effect Interactive

This one costs (and it is only one part of Ohio)

  • Hocking Hills App

Now if you are still with us, the reason we are writing this post is the new adventure we are going on.

NO, not a life changing event like marriage or a new job in a far way land, but a new trip this summer.

ohio river run




This is what we are calling it. We are going to drive along Ohio portion of  the Ohio River  and see what destinations we can review and what adventures can be had. We are looking to explore this part of the state in depth.

So what is out there along the Ohio River?

We shall see…stay tuned for more!



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